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Our mission is to help businesses get closer to their consumers.


Our mission

What makes Shake special?

We’re helping bring businesses closer to their consumers, by building solutions for the most customer obsessed companies in the world. As a tech startup we’re developing innovative technology that unlocks the power of the vast quantities of data available online.

  • We’re defining a new category: on-demand and intelligent data aggregation.

  • We package that data into intelligent data, and stay ahead using our own data feeds (eating our own dog food, if you will).

  • We’re empowering both technical and non-technical users to access and derive value from data.

Our mission

Shake's history

Our story


We take flight

With our continued growth, the process of professionalizing the company began by hiring senior leaders into key positions to help guide us into the future. To strengthen our values, we hosted our first leadership retreat.


Shake becomes our identity

The Shake umbrella brand was created and sits on top of Reviewshake and Datashake; we hosted our first full company retreat to build on our culture.


Our team is established

We focused internally on our team, bringing our contractors onboard full-time. We invested in developing our culture, and chartered the values that resonated most.


Datashake gets wings

With the success of our APIs, we realized there was potential to create a separate brand that focused solely on providing data solutions. This led to the creation of Datashake, a brand that is now dedicated to providing high-quality data services.


We launch our APIs

Aggregating online review data became our biggest cost center so we decided to monetize those APIs by making them available to other companies.


Reviewshake is born

Our founder, Philip, launched a reputation management platform for SMBs while living in Santiago, Chile. With the goal of helping small businesses manage their online reputation, Reviewshake was born.

Our vision

To make better decisions with data

Our team is truly global, with members from all over the world working together to bring you the latest and greatest in technology and services. We pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly across continents, bringing our unique perspectives and expertise to the table to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Whether you’re looking for the latest software or world class service, we’ve got you covered. So why wait? Join us today and experience the power of our world-class team for yourself!

Our vision

Our Team

Meet the Shakers

Diversity is life at Shake, not just a corporate slogan. We have colleagues on 5 continents and are always looking for talented people to join the team.

Philip Kallberg
Philip Kallberg
Lisbon, Portugal
Kara Finnerty
Kara Finnerty
VP of Product
New York, United States
Natalia Gavrilova
Natalia Gavrilova
Head of Engineering
Helsinki, Finland
Shakira Williams
Shakira Williams
Chief of Staff
Cape Town, South Africa
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell
Chief Commercial Officer
Brighton, UK
Aude Eberlin
Aude Eberlin
VP of Customer Success
East Sussex, UK

20+ other colleagues around the world

We are hiring

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Our Values

An all-star team, building a global community

We’ve been a fully-remote company since inception, and this permeates our entire culture and values.

  • #1


    As Shakers, we take ownership for our work and have the freedom to make decisions towards our goals. We trust each and every team member and create a safe and open environment by being a goal oriented company.

  • #2

    Healthy Team Spirit

    Communication is key for Shakers - helping each other reach our collective goals by being open to new opinions, asking questions and involving everyone in key decisions.

  • #3

    Continuous Learning

    Shakers believe in knowledge sharing, getting out of our comfort zone and learning new things. We embrace failure as part of the learning process.

  • #4

    Customer Commitment

    As a bootstrapped company, Shakers inherently treat our customers as partners and not just another number. We go the extra mile to help our customers at every level of our interactions.

  • #5

    Sane Growth

    Startups don’t have to be crazy at work, and as Shakers we take this to heart. We deliver for our customers while having a healthy work/life balance and asynchronous work culture. We find creative solutions and do more with less.

Shake moments

Special moments at Shake where we got to spend time together outside of our usual virtual meetings. We try to make these moments happen as often as possible.


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