Mission Statement

Our mission is to help businesses grow with online reviews. While we love growth, we don't strive for growth at all costs and are building a company that we can be proud of, and enjoy working for.


Our Team

We're a multi-cultural team working across 4 continents, and we pride ourselves in hiring the best talent globally.

Philip Kallberg

Philip Kallberg


Lisbon, Portugal
Horatiu Mocian

Horatiu Mocian

Head of Product

Targu Mures, Romania
Long Tran

Long Tran

Head of Engineering

Saigon, Vietnam
Shakira Williams

Shakira Williams

Operations Manager

Cape Town, South Africa
Tamara Krestiankova

Tamara Krestiankova

Tech Lead, Datashake

Warsaw, Poland
Mary Joy Sayson

Mary Joy Sayson

Customer Service Manager

Manila, Philippines

20+ other colleagues around the world

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Our Values

Our company started as fully-remote (we're now hybrid!) and we believe the best work happens when given lots of uninterrupted time that's free of distractions.


As Shakers, we take ownership for our work and have the freedom to make decisions towards our goals. We trust each and every team member and create a safe and open environment by being a goal oriented company.

2Healthy Team Spirit

Communication is key for Shakers - helping each other reach our collective goals by being open to new opinions, asking questions and involving everyone in key decisions.

3Continuous Learning

Shakers believe in knowledge sharing, getting out of our comfort zone and learning new things. We embrace failure as part of the learning process.

4Customer Commitment

As a bootstrapped company, Shakers inherently treat our customers as partners and not just another number. We go the extra mile to help our customers at every level of our interactions

5Sane Growth

Startups don't have to be crazy at work, and as Shakers we take this to heart. We deliver for our customers while having a healthy work/life balance and asynchronous work culture. We find creative solutions and do more with less.

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