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Drive revenue with online reviews

Unleash growth using both 1st party reviews on your business and 3rd party reviews on other businesses.


Consultancies use online reviews to best advise their clients on strategy and where the market is heading.

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Asset management

Hedge funds, private equity, venture capitalists and more use online reviews to track and measure company performance.

Reputation management

The reputation management industry leverages reviews as a tool to build reputation and trust for their clients.

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Small businesses

Online reviews help small businesses build trust and drive social proof with their audience, which leads to more sales.


Fortune 500 companies and beyond leverage online reviews to derive consumer insights and beat the competition.

Risk management

Risk managers from credit processors to insurance companies use online reviews to measure and build risk profiles.

Analytics & Competitor Intel

Online reviews provide unparalled strategic insights when analyzed with machine learning and natural language processing.

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Marketplaces use third-party reviews to drive trust and social proof for merchants on their platforms, converting more sales.


Leading e-commerce players use online reviews to analyze current and future trends to improve existing and future products.

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